Sonship Program Revival School New Zealand

1-2 Yr.  Program! 

Starting for Tyler Bates July 5, 2017

Intensive Training July and August.  

Anti-Traffiking in

Thailand and Cambodia In October and November.

This is just the beginning!!



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They say war is the greatest device for unity a people can have. A common enemy that forces us to set aside our differences for the greater good. The once divided people now lock arms as brothers and sisters for a greater purpose than themselves. I have walked with the enemy and come to know … Continue reading Unity


Greetings from Te Anau New Zealand! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile but I have an update for everyone. I finished the one month intensive here in New Zealand and graduated the program with honors! I have been hard at work and I’m excited with the opportunities the Lord is presenting me. I am currently … Continue reading Update


  The first week of intensive training is almost over. There is still much to learn before this training concludes, but I am already seeing massive revelation amongst myself and peers. I am becoming more and more certain that a massive move of God is coming to the world that has never seen before. I … Continue reading Update!!!

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